The main objective of this project is to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for relaxation. We strive to provide our guests with the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely vacation surrounded by nature, while providing privacy and a convenient location to easily reach major locations such as beaches, restaurants and airports.

The apartment is located in a unique location, perfectly balanced between the mountains and the sea, at an altitude of 300 meters. This location allows our guests to enjoy the clean mountain air, which mixes with marine elements such as phytoncides, salts, iodine and ions. This combination has a beneficial effect on health and can help in the treatment and prevention of bronchopulmonary and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, the location of the residence provides an exciting all-round view - on one side there is a view of the sea, and on the other side there is a view of the majestic mountains, creating a wonderful harmony with nature around.

A unique investment opportunity in the field of real estate. The facility is 80% ready. There is a great potential for profitable investment. Here are a few key aspects that make an investment attractive:
All apartments are already on cadastral registration, 80% readiness (no risks, invest in a ready-made object, the object is not under collateral and other encumbrances, all documents are clean, the current state of the SHELL&CORE facility.
There are currently no similar facilities on the market with similar infrastructure, namely: a 50*8 heated swimming pool (allows the facility to be used all year round), gyms and saunas.
All apartments offer spectacular views of the sea and majestic mountains.
Privacy, the property has almost no adjoining houses.
A guarantee that under no circumstances will the view of the sea and mountains be disturbed due to the unique geographical location and the complexity of the terrain of this area.
Privacy - the property has practically no adjoining houses.
A huge area of 4,360 m2 (which for this location, in comparison with other objects, exceeds 4-12 times the average for the country, due to the density of buildings in this region.
This complex has been designed with maximum privacy in mind and offers all the amenities of a country house for a comfortable stay all year round. Each apartment has fireplaces with a separate chimney, and there are only two housing units on each floor. The number of apartments is limited, and the pool is spacious. Thanks to this, guests can enjoy the tranquility and ease of the surrounding area without congestion.
High rental index relative to the cost, payback period of 7-8 years.
One of the main advantages is the affordable price of only 1,600 € per m2. Compared to other properties in this market segment, the cost is 2.5-4 times lower, which makes our property very attractive in terms of price.

Project Details
The total area of the complex is 4,360 m2
On the plot there are:
A building site of 3*308 m2.
Three buildings A, B, C with an area of 1201, 1204 and 1202 m2, the territory of which will be equipped for active and relaxed recreation.
The pool is 50x8 m.
Tennis court.
Gyms and saunas.
Recreational areas with furniture throughout the complex.
Children's playground.
Open and closed parking area for 30 cars.
A green area with Mediterranean plants.
Barbecue areas on the roof terraces and in the courtyard.

The complex consists of three separate buildings. Each object has ten apartments with an area of 116-128 m2, located on five floors. The layout of the rooms is designed so that the living room and the terrace face south.

Living room.
Kitchen-dining room.
Guest bathroom.
Two bedrooms – each with a private bathroom.
Two large hydro-massage bathrooms (one is installed on the terrace and the other in the bathroom).
Split systems in the room (and throughout the complex).
A spacious terrace with views of the sea, the islands of St. Nikola, Sveti Stefan and Budva. You can watch the beauty while sitting on a four-poster bed.
A fireplace with a chimney independent of other residents, so that the apartment is comfortable all year round.

The complex has elevators for the convenience of guests. The site has a well with a depth of 300 meters, a city water pipeline and 2 reservoirs with a capacity of 300 m3 – clean drinking water will always be available on site.

Energy-saving technologies were used in the construction of the residence:
The 8mm x 6mm x 8mm STOPSOL double–glazed windows are filled with argon - they retain heat and block ultraviolet light.
The visor on the front side of the facade and pergolas on the floors protect from rain and sun.
Columns on the terraces protect from crosswinds and direct sunlight.

The complex is located in close proximity to the main highway Budva-Podgorica and is only 4 kilometers from the city of Budva, the tourist center of Montenegro.

This place attracts a variety of tourists - both those who prefer active recreation and those who like a relaxed pastime by the sea. In the immediate vicinity there are beaches, historical architectural monuments in the old part of the city, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops to satisfy the tastes of each guest. Theater and music festivals are also held during the summer season, which makes this place even more attractive for recreation and entertainment.

Details of the SHELL& CORE Investment Proposal, the entire block
The whole object:
Block "C" 1200 meters net - 1200*1600 Euro = 1920 000 €
Parking 10 places - 10 * 20000 = 200 000 €
The terrace of the green roof 270 meters - 270*1000 = 270 000 €

Total: 2,390,000 €

The details of the Investment proposal are completely block, key in hand, together with furniture, appliances specified in the design project
The whole object
Block "C" 1200 meters net - 1200*2200 Euro = 2,640,000 €
Parking 10 places - 10 * 20000= 200 000 €
The terrace of the green roof 270 meters - 270*1000 = 270 000 €

Total: 3 110 000 €

Details of the SHELL& CORE Investment Offer, apartment-by-apartment sale
1 apartment with an area of 116 meters – 116*2000 € = 232 000 €

Details of the Investment offer apartment-by-apartment sale, key in hand, together with furniture, appliances specified in the design project, only 4 apartments are for sale at this price.
1 apartment with an area of 116 meters – 116*2600 € = 301,600 €

Delivery of the facility May 2024, the work that needs to be done
Pool arrangement (pool design is ready, contractors selected)
Landscape design
Interior decoration of the premises

Details of the Investment Conditions
After signing the contract, pay 70% of the amount, the remaining 30% after completing the work specified in the purchase and sale agreement
Installments are possible

Growing demand
The current state of the real estate market in this region is characterized by stable growth in demand. It is predicted that the value of real estate will increase in the coming years, which will allow you to make a significant profit from your investment.

After the completion of landscaping and landscaping, you can easily sell the property for an amount exceeding the invested funds by at least two times. This provides huge prospects for generating significant returns on this investment.

The property has unique features that attract a successful target audience. A development strategy has been developed that maximizes the potential of this facility and ensures long-term profitability.

Город: Будва

Район: Марковичи

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